Outreach to EU nationals in Denmark against language course hikes and unemployment benefit reforms

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As an EU national (Poland) living in studying in Aarhus, and as a member of the party, I would request that Alternativet seek to prevent the implementation of policies which I believe are injurious to EU nationals in Denmark and to their hopes for assimilation into Danish society:

I would like to see this accomplished with new legislation designed to reverse the current policy initiatives taken by the Government. I am willing to work with anyone in realising this policy.

Udfordring forslaget skal løse

Alternativet organizing against tuition hikes for Danish language courses + unemployment benefit reforms.

Potentielle ulemper ved forslaget

The current government’s policies will go through unchallenged. EU national will continue to see a lessening of their rights, while the current administration successfully convinces public opinion that further cuts to public services are in the public interest, at the expense of aspirational members of Danish society.

Hvordan forslaget er udarbejdet

I have just begun discussing the latest developments with friends.

Hvem har været inddraget

It is public knowledge.


  1. Christopher Michael Czechowicz

Status på forslaget

Status: Idéer til forslag

Forslaget er under udvikling. Når det er færdigudviklet, kan forslaget skrives færdigt og komme i høring. Du kan debattere og følge forslaget på Dialog.

Hi Christopher

Now after the election:

What is the current status of the problems for language schools and unemployment benefits?